19 Aug, 2015
19 Aug, 2015
17 Aug, 2015

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20 Jul, 2015
Round Table on “America's Evolving Foreign Policy Debate in the Election Period”
26 Jun, 2015
Round Table on "An Action Plan For a Renewed Thrust For Military Diplomacy"
Afghanistan 2015: The Quest for National Unity (Rs. 200)
The Delhi Policy Group's 2015 report on Afghanistan reviews the challenges facing Afghanistan's new National Unity Government with the end of the ISAF mission, rising insurgency, and economic downslide. The report examines the role of neighbors and the Heart of Asia countries in helping Afghanistan through this difficult period. It summarizes regional views on the impact of China's new prominence and the potential for rapprochement between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Crucially, the report recommends that a dedicated task force be launched to reinvigorate the development of a regional compact, covering non-interference, security and economic cooperation.

West Asia in Transition (Rs. 450)
Jointly produced by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and the Delhi Policy Group, this wide-ranging report argues that India needs to formulate a coherent "Look West Asia Policy", integrating India's political, economic, social interests with its vital security interests.


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The Delhi Policy Group is an independent think tank founded in 1994, which seeks to build a non-partisan consensus on issues of critical national interest.


India and Pakistan : At Tilt with Destiny




Radha Kumar examines the cancellation of the scheduled NSA-level talks between India and Pakistan and offers policy prescriptions for sustainable and effective bilateral dialogue on cross-border security and the Jammu and Kashmir issue.