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21 Jul, 2016
DPG–FSI Roundtable on South China Sea Dispute (July 21, 2016)
21 Jun, 2016
Roundtable on India- Japan, 21 June 2016
17 Jun, 2016
Roundtable Discussion on India-US Summit (June 7, 2016)
02 Jun, 2016
China and the strategic architecture in Asia
Newly Released: The Delhi Policy Group's latest report, Afghanistan 2016:
Turbulent Transitions, was released on April 17 in Kabul at a function organized by the Afghan Institute for Security Studies, with a panel discussion by H.E. Andisha, Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, H.E. Manpreet Vohra, Ambassador of India to Afghanistan and General Karimi, former chief of the Afghan National Army. Reviewing the political, security and economic transitions in Afghanistan, the report notes the series of crises that have beset Afghanistan since the international drawdown and asks what regional governments and especially regional powers such as India, Russia and China can do to help stabilize the country and prevent it from becoming a sanctuary for terrorist groups again.

Afghanistan 2015: The Quest for National Unity (Rs. 200)
The Delhi Policy Group's 2015 report on Afghanistan reviews the challenges facing Afghanistan's new National Unity Government with the end of the ISAF mission, rising insurgency, and economic downslide. The report examines the role of neighbors and the Heart of Asia countries in helping Afghanistan through this difficult period. It summarizes regional views on the impact of China's new prominence and the potential for rapprochement between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Crucially, the report recommends that a dedicated task force be launched to reinvigorate the development of a regional compact, covering non-interference, security and economic cooperation.

West Asia in Transition (Rs. 450)
Jointly produced by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and the Delhi Policy Group, this wide-ranging report argues that India needs to formulate a coherent "Look West Asia Policy", integrating India's political, economic, social interests with its vital security interests.


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Founded in 1994, the Delhi Policy Group is among India’s oldest independent think tanks with its primary focus on strategic issues of critical national interest. Over the past decades, it has established itself in both domestic and international circles, particularly in the areas of peace and conflict and national security.
In keeping with the growing dynamism of India’s foreign and security policy, the DPG has expanded its focus areas to include India’s broader regional and global role and the strategtic partnerships that advance India’s rise as a leading power. To support that goal, the DPG undertakes research and organize conferences and interactions across a wide canvas including strategic and geo-political issues, geo-economic issues and defence and security issues.





DPG Policy Note Volume 1, Issue 3: The Way Forward for India-Japanese Ties




DPG Policy Note Volume 1, Issue 3: The Way Forward for India-Japanese Ties
by Shingo Yamagami, Director General (Acting) of The Japan Institute for International Affairs